Learn more about each of the club's leading goal kickers between 1877 to present.

The Coleman Medal

The award is named in honour of champion key forward, John Coleman, who played 98 matches and scored 537 goals for Essendon between 1949 and 1954. A severe knee injury prematurely ended his playing days. No other goalscorer in history has achieved as much success in a career of fewer than 100 appearances. Instituted in 1981, the award is presented to the player who scores the most goals during the home and away matches, prior to the finals series. All players qualifying from 1955 have received a Coleman Medal. In a number of cases, when goals kicked in finals are included, a player other than the Coleman Medallist, achieves the honour of scoring the highest tally for the season.

However, it should be noted that if the Leading Goalscorer at the end of the season, after the finals, is a different identity to the Coleman medalist, no award is presented to that player.

The Leading Goalscorer Medal

Also instituted in 1981, this award is the equivalent of the Coleman Medal and was retrospectively awarded to the recipients or their families, covering the period 1897-1954.