Reg Hickey in 1950. Credit: Bob Gartland Collection.

Since 1981, The R.J. Hickey Award has been awarded annually by the Geelong Football Club, in recognition of “Outstanding Service to Australian Football”. 

The award is named in honour of our great past player and premiership coach and captain, Reg Hickey, whose contribution to the game of football and to the Geelong Football Club in particular, was profound over a period from 1926 – 1959.

The list of previous winners of this award represents a diverse array of service and dedication, to the game of Australian Football, both locally and across the broader football community.

Whilst this award is a Geelong Football Club award, winners of this honour will not be limited to Geelong Football Club identities.  However, nominees associated with the Geelong Football Club, and the Geelong Region will be given strong consideration.

Players, coaches, administrators, media personalities, or volunteers, may be considered for this award.

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Award winners

1981                         Mr. Lou Richards

1982                         Mr. Jack Jennings

1983                         Mr. Neil Trezise

1984                         Mr. G.H. Williams

1985                         Ford Motor Company Australia

1986                         Mr. J.C. (Jack) Hamilton

1987                         Mr. Ron Hovey

1988                         Mr. George Clarke

1989                         Mr Don Mathieson

1990                         GFC Pivots

1991                         Mr Frank Pike

1992                         Mr. Malcolm Blight

1993                         Mr. Bill McMaster

1994                         Mr. E.J. (Ted) Whitten O.A.M.

1995                         Mr. Ken McIntyre

1996                         Mr. Ross Oakley

1997                         Mr. Ken Gannon

1998                         Mr. Don Cole

1999                         Mr. Col Hutchinson

2000                         Mr. Neville Whitley

2001                         Mr. Peter Le Grand

2002                         Mr Ron Barassi

2003                         Mr Wayne Jackson

2004                         Mr Tom Hafey

2005                         Mr Kevin Sheehan

2006                         Mr John Edsall

2007                         Mr Kevin Sheedy

2008                         Mr Eric Nicholls

2009                         Mr Stephen Wells

2010                         Mr Les Borrack

2011                         Mr Jim Stynes

2012                         Mrs Margaret Webb

2013                         Mr Gareth Andrews

2014                         Mr Michael Turner

2015                         Mr Frank Costa

2016                         Mr Bill Goggin

2017                         Mr Neil Balme

2018                         Mr Brian Cook

2019                         Mr Mike Sheahan

2020                         Mr John Devine

2021                         Mr Vic Fuller