The Hall of Fame of the Geelong Football Club, is littered with the names of the great Geelong people… players and administrators, who have played an outstanding role in the story of the Geelong Football Club. Since 1859, our Hall of Fame inductees have contributed to make our Club what it is today.

Induction into the Hall of Fame of the Geelong Football Club, is one of the highest honours that our Club can bestow. The actions and deeds, of these loyal Geelong people have ensured that our Club will endure for generations to come.. and we are very proud to honour them in this way.


Geelong Cats Hall of Fame Members

Gary Ablett junior
Gary Ablett senior
Tom Arklay
Les Armstrong
Mark Bairstow
Jimmy Bartel
Andrew Bews
Rod Blake
Mark Bos
Terry Bright
Billy Brownless
Charles Brownlow
Neville Bruns
Peter Burns
Paul Chapman
David E. Clarke
Wayne Closter
Arthur Coghlan
Jack L. Collins
Joel Corey
Frank Costa
Paul Couch
Tim Darcy
Bob Davis
John Devine
Percy Douglass
Alec Eason
Bill Eason
Corey Enright
Jack L. Evans
Graham Farmer
Fred Flanagan
Bill Goggin
Ben Graham
Edward Greeves
Dick Grigg
Lloyd Hagger
William (Ben) "Trusty" Hall
Les Hardiman
Peter Hardiman
Tom Harley
Fred Hawking
Jack Hawkins
Reg Hickey
Dave Hickinbotham
Ken Hinkley
Garry Hocking
Steven Hocking
Ron Hovey
Josh Hunt
John Hyde
Steve Johnson
James Kelly
Steven King
Cameron Ling
Tom Lonergan
Alistair Lord
Andrew Mackie
Gary Malarkey
Michael Mansfield
Denis Marshall
Harry Marsham
Percy Martini
Billy McCarter
Tim McGrath
Hughie McLean
Phil "Shilley" McShane
Joe McShane
David Mensch
Darren Milburn
George M. Moloney
Cam Mooney
Bruce Morrison
Angie Muller
Bruce Nankervis
Ian J. Nankervis
Robert Neal
Ken Newland
Ernest Newling
John Newman
John O'Neill
Brad Ottens
Peter Pianto
Alex Popescu
Tommy Quinn
Bert Rankin
Cliff Rankin
Teddy Rankin
Russell Renfrey
Peter Riccardi
Max Rooke
Bill R. Ryan
Brenton Sanderson
John Scarlett
Matthew Scarlett
Joe Sellwood
Brad Sholl
Joe Slater
Bernie Smith
Mathew Stokes
Barry Stoneham
George Todd
Neil Trezise
Leo Turner
Michael Turner
Doug Wade
Peter Walker
Roy West
Lindsay White
Geoff Williams
Tom Wills
Jack Williams
Jimmy Wilson Jnr
David Wojcinski
Fred Wooller
Mark Yeates
Henry Young