The Geelong Football Club has a long and proud history, and the stories are often amazing, sometimes amusing and always important.

The Geelong Cats History Society has been established to celebrate the history of the Geelong Cats.

If you're a passionate football supporter, a dedicated Cats fan or a person with a keen interest in the history of the Geelong Community then we invite you to join us as a member.

The Geelong Cats History Society is open to all and free to join. Benefits will include:

  • Invitations to two events per year
  • Newsletters

Our Purpose

Support the Honouring the Past strategic plan - A strong and collaborative Honouring the Past unit acts to preserve and promote the Club's history and to honour and connect to the groups and individuals who have collectively made the Club the sporting institution that it is today.  

  • To promote awareness of the Club's Honouring the Past program highlighting the commitment to maintaining a strong, professional archive and memorabilia collection 
  • To encourage and develop community interest in all aspects of the history of the Geelong Football Club
  • To support the preservation, conservation, interpretation and presentation of the history of the Geelong Football Club 
  • To support the Club in activities related to its history and traditions and its commitment to honouring the past
  • To invite and receive contributions for the purposes of developing the Club's collections
  • To affiliate with like organisations in the pursuit of similar historical interests
  • To provide a social network for those interested in the history of the Geelong Football Club

If you are interested in joining the Geelong Cats History Society, please email