When Renee Garing isn’t being an AFLW player, you can find her in a classroom teaching at a local Geelong high school.

That’s why when the 31-year-old was asked to learn a new role this pre-season, Garing has been the perfect student.

This is Garing’s second AFLW pre-season and the two couldn’t be any more different.

In her first season the former netballer spent her time in the middle of the ground where she became known as one of the competition’s best defensive midfielders.

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Garing embraces new role

Renee Garing is embracing her new role down forward as the Cats head into their second season.

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This pre-season Garing has spent the summer applying her defensive craft to a new attacking role as a small forward.

“I’m really enjoying up forward, being in the forward line and learning the different aspects of that,” said Garing.

“Obviously being in the midfield I played quite a defensive role so hopefully I can actually bring that into the forward line.”

In her first AFLW season Garing averaged eight tackles per game.

Garing's defensive efforts helped her earn equal third place in the team’s best and fairest count.

“Hopefully I can bring that intensity into the forward line and help the girls keep it in there.

“If it (the ball) goes to ground hopefully I can get it to one of our girls that can kick some goals or maybe snag one myself, we’ll see.”

New forward line coach Scott Thompson has been particularly impressed with Garing’s desire to learn her new position.

“Renee obviously came from the midfield to the forward line this year and she’s really grasped the concept and I think she’ll play an important role for the team,” said Thompson.

“She’s learning every day but she always wants to learn and she’s been giving it 100 per cent and she’ll be awesome for the team so I can’t wait to see her in action.”

It’s not just the change of role that has made this season different to last according to Garing.

With the majority of the team’s list remaining the same as last year, Garing believes the team will go into this season with more confidence.

“I learnt a lot from the first year in the competition.

"I think this season we’re all excited to go around again and to show what we’re capable of. 

"To go into this season more confident and I think believing in each other and knowing each other better, that’s what I’m looking forward to most.”