Cats running machine Jordan Clark will spend the pre-Christmas period training away from contact as he recovers from the elbow injury suffered late in the year.

Clark was shut down for the year late in the Cats’ finals campaign, undergoing surgery after it became clear his injured left elbow wouldn’t recover in time for finals football.

“I had to have my triceps tendon repaired, and a few little tendons and muscles around the inside of my elbow touched up as well,” Clark told


“I’ve got quite a significant rehab in front of me; a couple of months on the sidelines before I can get back into any contact.

The 15th overall pick in last year’s draft impressed in his debut season, playing 18 games and kicking 11 goals as he moved from half back to the wing midway through the year.

Clark will look to use the time he spends away from the main group wisely as he gears up for his second season in the league.

“I won’t be able to do contact, so that means a fair bit of running for me and quite a few touch sessions and skill sessions to tidy up a few things and improve myself as a footballer,” he said.

“Hopefully, dead on four months would be good for contact. That’s sort of the timeframe I’ve been given.

“But I’m looking to get this rehab done properly. If it takes five months, it takes five months.”