It’s all smiles from Jackson Thurlow these days.

The former Cat turned Swan turned Banker is loving life back in Geelong as another new face ready for this year’s VFL season.

‘Thurls’ played in the hoops for five years, totalling 46 games at senior level, before spending two seasons playing for Sydney.

Jackson Thurlow in action during a practice match for the Bendigo Bank Cats. Credit Arj Giese

He played alongside quality defenders such as Dane Rampe, Jake Lloyd and Heath Grundy, building relationships and learning in different ways from all of them.

“Players like them, they probably understood my game-style, touch the ball early and all of a sudden you’re in the game and build from there.”

“I was only there for two years but it did feel like I was there for a lot longer because I had some really good mates up there.”

“It was definitely a really good experience going to a big city with a renowned culture that’s quite strong.”

Jackson Thurlow played 17 games for Sydney between 2019 and 2020.

Coming back to Geelong, although it's not his hometown of Launceston, felt as good as coming home.

He described the town as a “Bigger Launceston” that’s just a great place to live.

“It feels like we never really left, especially because we’ve got so many good mates here still that we kept in contact with while we were away.” he said.

“Something just drew us back here.”

Finding his way back to the Geelong area isn’t the only thing Thurlow has enjoyed since getting back to Victoria.

Jackson Thurlow played 46 games for Geelong between 2013 and 2018.

A history with the Cats and a promising VFL squad is also sitting pleasantly at the front of his mind.

“Obviously knowing the coaches and a few of the boys that were already here, they’ve all been really good.” said Thurlow.

“Seeing the talent the AFL boys have got it usually means that the VFL is going to be pretty strong!”

“It’s going to be a pretty scary two’s side we can put together.”

The VFL season is set to start in under three weeks, with Geelong’s coaches having one more chance to test the boys against Collingwood’s VFL side.

That practice match will take place at Deakin Oval on Saturday 10 April at 12pm.