Name: Richelle Cranston

Nickname:  Rocky

Favourite footy memory: All-Stars game in 2016. First time playing in front of a big crowd, (which was quite unexpected); it was really special and was a great starting point for the AFLW competition.

Greatest non-football achievement: Gridiron league MVP and VicBowl was pretty special.

Best advice you’ve been given (on or off the field): Talent is a gift but without hard work it is meaningless.

Teammate you’d like to room with on away trips: ‘Croc’ (Julia Crockett-Grills) because she likes bangers and no one else wants to room with us. Liv (Purcell) will also be a visitor in the Croc 'n' Rock room because she appreciates our music taste.

Teammate you’d least like to room with on away trips: Renee (Garing) because she doesn’t like the Croc 'n' Rock playlist.

Funniest teammate: We are blessed with many funny teammates, honourable mentions: GC (Georgia Clarke), Liv (Purcell), Millie (Brown), Jordi (Ivey), Croc – I could go on…

Position other than your own you wish you could play: I’ve played in a lot of positions, but I haven’t given the back line a go. But there is probably a reason I haven’t been put back there.

Hidden talent/party trick: Giving myself tattoos.

Player from another AFLW team you’d most like to have at the Cats: Shelly Scott please. 

Favourite player from another sport: Hard to go past Serena (Williams). 

If you weren’t playing footy, what sport would you like to play: Gridiron or rugby.

Favourite meal the night before a game: I try to change it up but I do love a bit of pasta.

Favourite movie: A League of Their Own

Favourite TV series: Friends

Favourite book: I wish I read more but I can't really get through them because I can’t imagine things in my head. I need to get on to audible books, I think.

Favourite singer/band: Sam Smith/Fleetwood Mac

Rocky Cranston: friendlier than she looks in photos

Dream holiday destination: Bora Bora

One thing you’d like people to know about you: I'm a bubbly, happy person - despite how I look in photographs, haha.