The future of the Geelong Cats is looking more and more exciting after another special delivery arrived on the weekend making two very proud parents.

The Cats are thrilled to hear the news of one of the clubs most respected defenders and captain, Tom Harley, who became a Dad to a little baby boy in the very early hours on Sunday morning.

Harley was very proud of his wife Felicity and told SEN radio that their little boy, Jimmy Charlie Harley is fighting fit and doing really well.      
‘’It’s been a massive weekend,’’ Harley said.

‘’(He arrived at) 2:20 on Sunday morning after a reasonably long ordeal for Felicity, as you know we’ve been waiting for a while.
‘’(He was) eleven days overcooked but he came out healthy and extremely happy.’’

Harley and his wife Felicity were also told by the midwives that according to their records, young Jimmy was the longest baby ever delivered at the hospital.

‘’They’ve pulled out the record books and as it turns out he made the podium,’’ Harley said.

‘’Most of the midwives have been there for over 20 years and have never seen such a long baby.

‘’He was 58cm and 4.5 kilos (9.9 pounds), a reasonable size… but all in proportion of course.’’

Although the future can never be predicted in too much detail, the next 20 years could see many familiar names returning to the Geelong Cats, with baby Jimmy Harley adding to the long list of boys recently born to both current and past Geelong players.

Potential Cats father-sons:
Alfie Wojcinski
Monty Wojcinski
Oscar King
Maxy Ling
James Taylor
Bo Enright
Jagger Mooney
Olly Scarlett
Harry Scarlett
Jett Milburn
Archie Johnson
Jimmy Harley