When it comes to Geelong’s newly-formed AFLW leadership group, Jordan Ivey is the quiet achiever. 

Her no-fuss work ethic, ability to have a laugh and team-first attitude make her the ultimate teammate.

Though Ivey isn’t often the loudest in the room, her actions speak louder than words.

Commonly described as the toughest player on the team, her hard as nails mentality on the field has meant that Ivey is becoming increasingly noticed.

In last year’s VFLW season Ivey came second in the team’s best and fairest count, 11 votes behind fellow midfielder Becky Webster.

During the same season the forward-turned-midfielder was selected as part of the team’s leadership group. 

The 27-year-old used the winter to develop her leadership skills, which have now translated into Ivey being selected in the leadership group for the AFLW season. 

Her laid-back personality and balance between when to be serious and when to have a joke have made her a popular member of the team.

“I think that I’m an approachable person,” said Ivey.

“I think over the VFL season being a part of our leadership group I was able to build on those relationships within the team and just make sure that I was able to get around to each of the girls whether it was in rehab or if they were playing or not playing. 

“I think I’m pretty easy going, so that’s why I think people find it easy to come up and have a chat to me, that’s probably one of the qualities as to why I was picked to go into the leadership group.”

The extra responsibility that comes with being a leader can sometimes overwhelm players.  

Others however, use it as added motivation, which is certainly the case with Ivey whose game grew at the same time as her leadership skills. 

“I’ve found that my playing style sort of might have changed a little bit when I was captain or having to lead a younger group of girls. 

“I knew that I had to step up and help show what was desired by the team and the coaches.” 

Ivey has been at Geelong since the women’s program was introduced in 2017, making her one of the club’s pioneer players.

Across that time she’s seen the club grow, particularly in the women’s space.

“I guess since being there since day one, I’ve sort of seen how the club has changed and welcomed women’s teams.  

“I’ve seen different players and personnel and I’ve seen people go through injuries and come back out of them as well so I think I’ve built a strong connection with the club. 

Ivey’s connection to the club makes her appointment to the AFLW leadership group particularly special.

“I’m just humbled to be voted into the leadership group by my peers.  

“It’s something that I will hold in high regard.  

“I’m just really excited to see what I can do this year for the club and for my teammates.”