Chris Scott on... Carlton's Midfield

It's been a strength of theirs and has been for some time; they balance up some big, strong inside players with some hard runners on the outside. 

If you work through their team, the forward line quite rightly gets a lot of attention but they probably have the best young defender in the comp as well. If you work through it, and it's been this way for a period of time, they look quite complete. If you look at their personnel there aren't obvious holes in any part of the ground. 

That, as well as some good coaching, has held them in good stead this year.

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Scott Press Conference | Round 18

Chris Scott speaks to the media ahead of Geelong's match with Carlton on Saturday night. Proudly Presented by Morris.

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Chris Scott on... A Blicavs v Cripps Matchup

I see the logic in it when you get really tall guys and Cripps is a key position sized player playing as an inside mid and Mark's a little bit the same, albeit they play different roles within the midfield. 

[A direct matchup] would be good to see.

He's one of the reasons that Carlton has been successful this year. He was one of the premier midfielders in the competition for a long time and I think he's that again so clearly we need to put work into him. 

Chris Scott on... McKay & Curnow 

It might make it easier in terms of planning. But easy planning doesn't equate to easy execution. 

If you look at the best teams over a long period, the ones that have been able to sustain it, generally there aren't too many secrets because they've won a lot so the opposition watches them. [But] we could know them inside and out, be really clear on what it is they do, and still find it really hard to stop. 

The execution is much, much harder than the planning. 

Chris Scott on... Jonathon Ceglar 

We think he'll play before finals so that's an easy thing to say now but it's a harder thing to actually do within the last five weeks. 

He's playing VFL again this week so that will leave five AFL games to go. He played really well last week in the VFL, he has trained really well, and has been a really good influence on our group too. 

He's a smart guy, similar to Isaac Smith. An experienced guy who has come from a fantastic system in Hawthorn, so we've tried to listen to Cegs more than talk to him. And that's had a positive impact on our group.

The intention is to try and get him into the team, but I'm not exactly sure how that's going to work right at the moment.