Geelong VFL captain Aaron Black has officially retired from football after playing 162 games at AFL and VFL level.

Black was drafted by North Melbourne in 2009 and went on to play 50 AFL games for the Kangaroos and seven for Geelong.

Originally a key forward, he booted 69 goals playing AFL and 138 in the VFL before making the shift to full-back and captaining the Bankers.

For the past three years ‘Blacky’ has been a valuable cog in Geelong’s VFL machine, but he says he’s just grateful to have had the opportunity.

“I get along really well with [Shane O’Bree] and [Nathan Tweddle]...I just love the way they go about it and I was fortunate enough to be captain of a good group,” Black said.

“What I really liked, especially this year, the AFL guys when they came back to play VFL they really bought into what we were about as one club.”

With 12 years experience playing professional football under his belt, there’s only one piece of advice Black would give to any young players.

“I’d say just enjoy it, I’m pretty simple like that,” he said.

“Just really have fun and remember you are playing footy - rock up, work hard at training and when you’re away from the club.

“Make sure you’re enjoying it, because if you’re not having fun doing it then something needs to change.

“That’s what I always reflected back on and kept going back to, to make sure I’m having fun doing it and I think throughout my career I did.

Looking a little further down the road, Black will continue to make use of his leadership skills in a coaching role and return to local footy.

“I’m still assistant coach for the AFLW so I’ll still be floating about,” he said.

“I’ll play with Modewarre next year locally and go from there.”

“My wife and I have our own business that we are about to open up down in Torquay, it’s just exciting times really.”