Cam Guthrie has stepped up as the Barwon Water Boy to help his teammates stay hydrated during the scratch match against the Tigers this week.

Barwon Water is encouraging people to “Choose Water Every Day” as an easy way to stay cool, hydrated and healthy, especially when playing sport.

“Keeping up fluids throughout the day is a great way of maintaining good health and endurance when playing sport,” Barwon Water General Manager Customers and Community Jo Murdoch said.

“When exercising it’s important to replace lost fluids, and choosing water to stay hydrated is vital to maintain muscle function and performance,” she said.

“By choosing tap water every day you can also minimise the environmental impact of bottled water purchases, with an estimated 50 per cent of plastic bottles ending up as landfill or litter.”

Barwon Water is proud to support the G21 “Choose Water Every Day” campaign, a collaboration between G21 (Geelong Regional Alliance), councils, and partners in the South West Victoria region. The campaign aims to promote water as the best drink of choice for residents and visitors to the Geelong region.

“We’re supporting the choose water every day campaign because we care about improving health and environmental outcomes for our customers and the community,” Ms Murdoch said.

Statistics detailed in the City of Greater Geelong Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan 2018-2021 reveal that only one in 10 Geelong adults drinks more than the recommended two litres of water per day.

Furthermore, around 35 per cent of local adults drink sugar sweetened beverages either daily, once or several times a week.

“Clean, fresh water from the tap is readily available. All you need to do is bring a refillable bottle when playing sport or exercising to ensure you’re drinking enough water,” Ms Murdoch said.

“We’re proud to support this effort, and over the past five years have provided more than 100,000 re-usable water bottles to students, sports teams and community groups as part of our free education and community support programs”.