GEELONG’s intra-club hit-out saw a host of young of young Cats take the field, including the remainder of this year’s draft crop.

Sam De Koning, Franics Evans and Cameron Taheny all saw game time, alongside fellow young Cats Sam Simpson, Blake Schlensog, Oscar Brownless and Jake Tarca.

VFL head coach Shane O'Bree cast his eyes over the session.

Sam De Koning 

“He was really good. Sam one of his strengths are his intercept marking and the other night he was against a lot of players that are probably similar ages to what he is," O'Bree said.

"The ability to zone off and take those marks – he probably took five or six contested, intercept marks and looked really confident."

"The more games we get into him early in the year, he’s definitely going to be one of those players that keeps heading in the right direction and feeling confident at VFL level."

Cam Taheny 

"Cam is more back at the moment, he’s learning a lot about our system our defensive way of playing. That will be a thing he works on as the year goes on.

"His attacking attributes is what his real strength is and we’ve seen that come out at training and games now with these little intra-clubs and hopefully in the practice matches coming up."

Francis Evans

"Francis played mid and forward we haven’t seen a hell of a lot of his junior level in being able to play those roles (due to limited vision)," O'Bree says.

"We’re learning a lot on the fly and he has got a lot of talent and he’s one of those guys that does pick it up pretty quickly.

"With more games, more education and more training with the senior guys, he’s definitely going to improve as the year goes on."

Blake Schlensog 

"Blake has had a great pre-season, which was he came so close to selection against the Gold Coast.

"He played the majority of the game down back and provided a good contest."

Sam Simspon 

"Simmo played a whole game as well and looked sharp. Early on he was a little bit rusty which was to be expected but Sam worked into the game.

"He was running really well which was pleasing, that’s one of his strengths. He just needs to be exposed to more match time and match intensity and different opposition and players throwing different things at him and Sam will pick it up really quickly."

Oscar Brownless 

"Oscar was good again. He’s had two intraclub matches now where he’s played majority as an inside mid and a bit of wing but mostly inside mid.

"We’re working a hell of a lot on his contested game and just being clean around the contest, we know he’s an elite runner.

"He’s enjoying that role and learning about our stoppage craft as well. He got a lot of the ball and worked hit butt off as Oscar does during a game."

Jake Tarca 

"Tarcs played midfield/forward as well. Tarcs hasn’t missed a beat all preseason, we’ve got him fitter and he’s a little pocket rocket, he’s looking really strong as well.

"We want him to have more of an impact during games. His good is really good and we just want him to be consistent and have more of those good things over a game. He’s put himself in good stead to have a good year with the work he’s been able to put in."

Nathan Kreuger and Lachie Fogarty 

"They’re at training stage, so we did 25 minutes of drills before our match simulation and those boys did all that and got a lot of running into them as well.

"We’re hoping that this week and the coming weeks they get a bit more match simulation so they’re ready to start playing a half game or full game of football over the practice match series."