Name: Jordan Ivey          

Nickname: Jordi, Poison, Jords

Favourite footy memory: The first AFLW game for the Cats and kicking my first AFLW goal.

Greatest non-football achievement: Teaching PE and seeing how excited kids are to learn new skills, activities and games.

Best advice you’ve been given (on or off the field): Probably just to control what you can control. I can control how I think or my emotions towards a situation.  

Teammate you’d like to room with on away trips: Phoebe McWilliams because she’s got a list of movies for me to watch. 

Teammate you’d least like to room with on away trips: Dani Higgins if she is in a very talkative mood. Sometimes you can’t get a word in. 

Funniest teammate: Amy McDonald always has something funny to say. Usually aimed at me or my eyebrows. 

Funniest thing you’ve seen on the footy field: Tanya (our physio) running out to check a player and nearly getting a kick during the game. Or Phoebe’s ‘claw’ tape job.

Position other than your own you wish you could play: I’ve been all over the field in the last couple of years so maybe wing or ruck. They are the only two left.

Hidden talent/party trick: My birthmark changes colour from red to blue depending on my body temperature.

Player from another AFLW team you’d most like to have at the Cats: Lucy McEvoy. 

Favourite player from another sport: LeBron James or Damian Lillard.

If you weren’t playing footy, what sport would you like to play: Tennis or soccer, I grew up playing those so I would feel comfortable playing them again.

Favourite meal the night before a game: It would have to be a low FODMAP dish which is very plain and has no flavour.  Thanks Phoebe.

Favourite movie: I am weird and haven’t seen too many movies. Phoebe is slowly getting up to speed on some classics. But I really liked Bridesmaids when that came out.

Favourite TV series: Friends is always good.  

Favourite book: I am not a big reader so I cant tell you a favourite book. I get 20 pages in and then stop. 

Favourite singer/band: Rufus, London Grammar, Hot Since 82, ABC 774

Dream holiday destination: Maldives. The water and sand looks incredible.

One thing you’d like people to know about you: I’ve been learning about coffee in the lockdowns and I’ve become an at-home barista. Come on over for a cuppa.