The Geelong Football Club is proud to announce that it is gaming free after completing the sale of The Brook Point Cook to Melbourne Racing Club.

“This is a proud day for our club,” Geelong CEO Brian Cook said.

“While there may have been sound reasons for entering gaming years ago, we recognised that this was not aligned with our club values and wider community expectations. In recent years we have been working toward a complete exit from gaming. Today is the culmination of those efforts.

“At one stage we had 100 machines, and generated close to $4 million in net profits through gaming. We decided we need to find new revenue opportunities to ensure the club will be viable in the future, and worked with a number of parties to exit gaming.

“The club also made the decision two years ago to reject any advertising or sponsorship from gambling companies. The feedback from members regarding our approach has been positive and we think it is in the best interest of the club. It is a great day.”