The Barwon Health Foundation have launched a new campaign highlighting the mental health issues arising in many people throughout the pandemic.

The Shaka Up for Mental Health campaign is a reminder to check in on mates and letting them know you’re there for them using the Shaka emoji or hand signal. To make the hand signal, simply extend your pinkie and thumb whilst curling your pointer, middle and ring fingers.

Throughout a year which has seen so much uncertainly, there has been an increase in people needing support for mental health through Barwon Health.

"The initiative is so important to raise awareness of mental health and in particular men’s mental health during this time," Geelong assistant coach and ambassador Corey Enright said.

Enright has been a stronger leader in the Community space, and been instrumental to the development of the Cyber Cats program following the devastating news that a young cheer squad member had taken her own life due to being cyber bullied.  

Emma Hawkins and Club Doctor, Drew Slimmon, have also joined Corey as an ambassador for Shaka Up.

Checking in on your family and friends can make a huge difference to those struggling and you can help raise awareness by taking a video of yourself or a photo to send a virtual shake to a mate or uploading to Instagram and tagging #shakaupformenshealth.

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The Club has a long-standing commitment to helping raise awareness and educating young people, teachers and families on mental health through school programs and initiatives such as the Cyber Cats program, Be Kind Online campaign, NIP it in the Bud and supporting the Read the Play program.

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