Ahead of Father’s Day we thought it would be fitting to take a look back at some of Geelong’s finest father-sons.

On last week’s episode of the To the Final Bell podcast the panel of Cameron Ling, Mathew Stokes and Scott Gullan debated who has been the best father-son pair in Geelong’s history.

They all had a clear number one. That of course being Gary Ablett Senior and Gary Ablett Junior.

Gary Ablett Senior and Gary Ablett Junior.

Between them they have played 594 games and kicked 1463 goals and that number is hopefully going to keep rising.

Throw in Nathan Ablett who played 32 games and won a premiership alongside his brother and you have a pretty formidable case.

The fight for second wasn't so clear cut with the boys debating whether to award it to Jack and Tom Hawkins or Matthew and John Scarlett.

They eventually agreed that Matthew Scarlett was the best of the four players, closely followed by Tom Hawkins, Jack Hawkins and John Scarlett, but who would you pick?

Scarlett Family

Matthew Scarlett: 284 games | 2003 Carji Greeves Medallist
John Scarlett: 183 games

Matthew Scarlett celebrates the 2009 premiership win.

What they said…

“I love mister jumping Jack and Hawky is probably my favourite all-time player, but Matt Scarlett I think was in our era the absolute best. I cannot speak higher enough of Matty Scarlett, so in that respect I put him as number two,” Stokes said.

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John Scarlett: 1967 GF

A look back at the 1967 GrandFinal - the one that got away - with John Scarlett, thanks to Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service.

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Hawkins Family

Tom Hawkins: 256 games | 589 goals | 2012 Carji Greeves Medallist
Jack Hawkins: 182 games | 20 goals

What they said…

“I think he (John) would maybe accept that Jack was maybe slightly ahead, now Matthew is now slightly ahead of Tom, but with Jack and Tom maybe being in positions perhaps two and three, does that put them ahead of the Scarletts...” Ling said.

Honourable mentions include Rod and Mark Blake who combined to play 275 games in the blue and white hoops, and current day Cat Jed Bews and his father Andrew who have played 247 games, with that number to continue rising in years to come.