A ‘significant’ role change has allowed Jed Bews to show off the best of his attacking game as the once lockdown defender spreads his wings.

Defensive mastermind and assistant coach Matthew Scarlett says another Cat raising his hand to take on the opposition’s best small forward has allowed Bews to play with more freedom.

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Player Spotlight: Bews (R14)

Jed Bews' role change has seen him impact the ball further up the field. He is this weeks Player Spotlight. Presented by SC Technology group.

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“He’s just been really consistent this year, he’s having a fantastic year,” Scarlett says.

“I think we’ve freed him up a little bit with his role, his role has changed quite significantly this year.

“With Mark O’Connor doing some big jobs on the opposition small forwards, we’re starting to see Bewsy’s attacking flair come out.”

Scarlett believes Bews’ newfound burst is something that he’s always possessed, but more noticeable now the small defender doesn’t have some of the league’s most dangerous smalls to worry about.

“He’s always had that speed and ability to pick up the ball and burst through packs,” Scarlett says.

“I think it’s just his confidence and with the change of role, he’s further up the ground now, he’s really helping our attack.

"He’s running really well at the moment, he’s looking really fit and lean so hopefully he can stay healthy and keep helping the team."

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Chris Scott press conference

Chris Scott speaks to the press ahead of the Round 16 Country Festival game. Presented by Morris Finance.

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Bews isn’t completely absolved of defensive responsibility however, with his first task still to contribute to the Cats’ air-tight defence.

“He hasn’t had a real lockdown job for a little while now, so he just plays strong defence and builds our attack on the back of that,” Scarlett says.

“He’s been playing just off the back of stoppages the past couple of weeks so he’s really supporting those guys in there and doing a great job.”