There are plenty of great community initiatives the club is currently running to help keep Geelong strong.


The BioCATS program is all about maths and science with a healthy edge! Each activity developed under the BioCATS brand provides a unique insight into the application of maths and science skills using real life scenarios from the Geelong Football Club.

This new resource, Metric Me, was developed in partnership with BioLAB: The Victorian BioScience Education Centre. Patrick Dangerfield takes students through wingspan and height, the correlation between the two and how this benefits athletes.


Cyber Cats parent webinar

This resource, developed in collaboration with Deakin University and funded by Pick My Project (Victorian Government), provides practical information about managing the use of devices and the internet in the home.

By setting rules that the whole family can agree upon, risks of bullying and other associated mental health issues that can affect young people and adults can be reduced. 


Principals Day

Friday 7th August celebrated National Primary Principals day where we took an opportunity to thank all the Principals, both primary and secondary, for all the support they give to their schools and community!

Healthy Heroes

While it is disappointing that junior sport in the region has been cancelled, you can apply a growth mindset and use this time as an opportunity to learn some new skills.

Cooking is a great skill to learn to help fuel your body for when you next get to train with your mates. Why not try some of our Healthy Heroes recipes found on our website.

Plus, try out some of the new activities such as Bingo and the Physical Activity Tracker!


Thanks to Anna Teague, Cassie Blakeway and Gemma Wright!

Huge contributors to the Cats in the Community programs and the greater Geelong community during their time at the Club.