The 48 hours post Geelong’s Round 3 loss to Carlton was tough, but quickly the focus shifted, things became positive and the team worked on how they can redeem themselves against Melbourne today.

Tom Atkins is a player that wears his heart of his sleeve.

He played 23 games in his first AFL season and became an instant fan favourite, with his ferocious attack on the ball as a pressure small forward.

“It was pretty disappointing on the weekend and for the first 48 hours it’s pretty grim after a loss like that, but quickly it gets back to how you were doing well before the weekend,” Atkins said.

“It became pretty positive, pretty quick – hopefully we redeem ourselves a bit against Melbourne on Sunday.”


Atkins’ honest approach to his footy on the field, is similar to his approach off it.

He hasn’t been happy with his start to the season and has been working hard with Assistant Coach Corey ‘Boris’ Enright to improve his game.

“I have felt I have not been contributing as much as I probably was last year.

“It’s something I am focusing on, you do not want to drift too far away from what your role is, so I have just honed in a bit with Boris this week and focused on what are the things I do that helps the team the most and I am just going to try to get back to doing that.

“My pressure is a big thing, but to be more specific we sort of focused on aggressiveness in the front and centre contest.

“Me being a heavy small forward I should be able to dictate position a bit more than I has been recently."

Geelong's Round 4 clash against Melbourne kicks off at 3.35pm today.