Veteran Cat Harry Taylor joined Fox Footy Live via FaceTime earlier today, candidly chatting about how he and his young family are keeping occupied during isolation.

Known for his unique take on the world, Taylor likened the current isolation period to his days as a university student.

“I’ve done a fair bit of study at uni and school as well,” Taylor said.

“When you’re doing exams you go into self isolation mode until you get through it, this feels a little bit similar to that for me at the moment albeit in a much more dire circumstance for so many people in our world.”

Taylor and his wife Michelle made the decision to begin home-schooling their three young kids two weeks ago to be on the safe side as Round 1 of the AFL season got underway.

“They’ve been home-schooled for a couple of weeks now, we took them out of school before Round 1 just in case.

“With the potential of getting sick and possibly not playing, we took them out of school and my wife has been doing a great job of home-schooling them for a couple of weeks.

“We do a bit of maths in the morning and then go on some scenic tours to the park if we can otherwise it’s around the house trying to find different things to entertain them with.”

It has been well documented that Taylor is a master of memory, having learnt every capital city in the world in his early days at the club.

“I spent a lot of time in the ice bath, and sitting there for 10 minutes sometimes twice a day, or four times a week, I thought that’s a fair bit of time I could be using to do some other things.

“I wanted to improve my memory so I downloaded the world capital app that night and tried to learn all the capitals.”

True to form, Taylor has managed come up with a new intellectual challenge to keep him focused throughout isolation. The piano.

“The kids do piano so I’m trying to work on my piano skills. I’m coming from a long way back, but that’s something I’m working on.

I’m still at the stage where I’m trying to work out what the black keys do.”