LOCKDOWN defender Jed Bews is thrilled to be back playing football again after a difficult stretch on the sidelines.

Bews battled through shoulder surgery and osteitis pubis and didn’t line-up for the AFL until round 15 against the Crows, as the strong form of the back six denied him of a spot in the side.   

“When you sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else have fun and enjoy it – yeah it sucks when you’re on the sidelines,” Bews told RSN 927’s the Breakfast Club.

“When you see everyone else working hard and putting in the hard yards and you’re sitting around and doing nothing it sucks. You feel like you’re falling behind a little bit.”

“It’s hard. I was just chatting to Scarlo and seeing what he had to say, not that he had much for me.”

“He was just saying wait and keep playing well because we can’t drop anyone because everyone is playing so well.”

Bews’ chance presented itself in the form of the unenviable task of shutting down Eddie Betts, one which he grabbed with both hands.

The dour defender kept Betts goalless and to just nine touches.

“I don’t know if I prepared any differently to any other game, but I just knew there’s a really good opportunity to play a good game and then hopefully stick in the team,” Bews said.

“Having not played a game all year, coming in and doing a good job on him – it was good for the confidence.”

“The team is going so well and I could be a part of something special this year – that was really driving me to play well and stay in the team.”

Bews is thankful to the Cats staff who got him back up and running after a long stint on the sidelines.

“It was a long injury at the start. I couldn’t really do much, no running, rest is best they were saying.” 

“I just had to back in the physios and the strength guys and all that to get me right and to their credit they have. They’ve done a good job.”

“I’m just excited to be back playing with the boys, it’s been good fun.”