Geelong has named their round five VFLW team that will line up against Richmond on Saturday.


Rocky Cranston and Julia Crockett-Grills will come into the side and play their first VFLW matches of the season.

Geelong Falcons trio Lucy McEvoy, Abbey Chapman and Elise Vella will all be making their debuts.

The match will be held at the Swinburne Centre with the first bounce at 2.30pm.

Round Five VFL Team

B: 49. E Ramsay, 20. R Pearce, 11. J Woollett
HB: 37. A Chapman, 44. R Goring, 28. D Taylor
C: 41. A Haigh, 5. J Ivey, 4. C Blakeway
HF: 16. O Purcell, 8. K Darby, 27. S Van De Heuvel
F: 43. M Maguire, 36. L McEvoy, 6. J Crockett-Grills
R: 1. R Caris, 30. R Cranston, 21. R Webster
INT: 48. M Fedele, 7. R Benham, 9. T Love, 45. M Keryk, 22. E Vella, 13. L Taylor, 15. G Deller, 33. Z Inei, 42. B Beckley