GEELONGveteran Corey Enright says the Cats should consider signing former Melbournespearhead Mitch Clark as the club looks to improve its forward support for TomHawkins. reported on Thursday that Clark is understoodto have met with Geelong on Wednesday to open discussions about his plannedreturn to the AFL.

TheCats are on the lookout for a key forward to support Hawkins who kicked 68goals in 2014 – 41 more than Jimmy Bartel, who ranked No.2 at the club with 27goals.

Clark,who turns 27 next month, showed his class in 2012, kicking 29 goals in 11 gamesbefore injuries took their toll.

"He'sobviously proven on the big stage before that he's a quality player, so you'dbe foolish not to look at guys like that," Enright said on Thursday.  

"It'sprobably well documented that we're looking for someone to give Tom Hawkins achop out, so I can't see why he wouldn't do that."

TheCats are also in the race to sign key defender James Frawley who is set toleave the Demons through free agency, with Enright keen to play alongside the26-year-old in defence.

"Ithink you're always looking for quality players and quality people, and it's nosecret we want James," he said.  

"It'sa decision for him. Our club has put the offer in place and we'll see where itgoes from there."

Enrighthas avoided post-season surgery after committing to play on for a 15th season –a decision he said wasn't easy.

Hesaid Geelong's post-season review had revealed areas to improve but alsoreinforced the importance of continuing to unearth young players.    

"Weblooded some players we think are going to be long-term players for theclub," he said.

"Hopefullythey'll take the next step next year, so it's actually pretty exciting.

"Theway we finished off losing two finals the way we did wasn't great, but overallI think it was a reasonable step forward for us."

Whiledisappointed not to be preparing for a fifth Grand Final, Enright said the twobest teams were set to play off on Saturday. 

Hetipped the Swans to win a tight clash and Kieren Jack to win the Norm SmithMedal.