Geelong will need to get Friday night’s blockbuster clash with the Western Bulldogs on their own terms if they’re to take the four points back up the highway according to Cats defender Jed Bews.

The Bulldogs have won their last three games and are coming off a 101 point win in the west, but it’s their speed under the roof at Marvel Stadium that’ll be a key adjustment for the visitors having only played the Dogs there once in the past three years.

“I expect them to have the heat on the game, to play quick, to get the ball going forward,” Bews said this week.

“So for us, it’s not to play into their hands and to play our style against them, and not play that chaotic up and back style.”

Bews said the depth of the Dogs’ midfield means he expects to be playing on any number of their ‘resting’ mids across the night, but the key, he says, will be to make them work when they’re down there.

“As a small defender I'm probably going to go through a few different guys and they're going to have resting mids so for us, it's trying to make them work and not rest when they go forward.

“So it’ll be about being flexible to play on different types, which we've done before, and we're going to be ready for it.” 

Geelong has won 9 of the thirteen games under the roof since 2016, so while the venue will hold no fears for the traveling party, Bews said the team did learn some lessons from their Round 9 loss to the Saints.

“I think it was more just the momentum swing in that game that we need to learn from,” he said.

“We felt like we played pretty well for most of the game, but it was just that third quarter that let us down there so it'll be just on that deck, halting their momentum and nullifying when they do get on top of it.

“There are going to be periods in the game when they're on top, so it's just limiting how much scoreboard impact they can have.”