GEELONG will wear its 2021 Djilang Guernsey in this week’s Round 10 clash with Port Adelaide at GMHBA Stadium on Saturday.

Designed by Corrina Eccles, a Wadawurrung Woman, the guernsey represents a local story and incorporates several meaningful landmarks across the Barwon region.

“I wanted to tell the story of Wadawurrung country, the story of Djilang, and take people back on a journey to what the country was like prior to how we see the built environment today,” Eccles said.

“In the design I have the Kardiniyoo, the sunrise taking place and the two teams coming together to play what is known across Victorian communities as Marngrook. The Barwon River is a place that our eels would travel down. The eels then meet on our coast, our saltwater country. 

“Then we have our mountain country, our big hills and Bunjil. Bunjil watches over this country he created, he will often fly over the stadium, watching over country and the river.”

The guernsey was created in legacy of the recent tragic loss of two lives connected to Corrina and the community, and Bunjil the eagle is placed on the guernsey in their honour.

The back of the guernsey also features ‘Djilang’, the Wadawurrung word for Geelong. Djilang represents the language of the land. 

“I hope the players, when they run out, connect to Wadawurrung country and the landscape. Let’s hope Bunjil is flying over as they’re playing to bring us good spirit,” Eccles said.

This week’s game will be the Club’s tenth Djilang match day.