Chris Scott on... Rhys Stanley

He's tracking well, we think he'll play. He was obviously close to getting to the line last week without quite making it. We were always optimistic that he'd come up this week.

Chris Scott on... Joel Selwood

Yeah, we do (think he'll play). He had a series of corks in his quad that just meant that he wasn't going to be right to play and I think we've been consistent throughout the course of the year, probably the last couple of years, in that our priority is to make sure that all our guys go out and play when they're in a position to play at their best. 

We don't want to ask those guys and push through things that limit them too much. The week off will help Joel a lot. 

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Scott Press Conference | Round 9

Chris Scott speaks to the media ahead of the Cats Round 9 clash against the Saints. Proudly Presented by Morris

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Chris Scott on... Marvel Stadium

In a way, the preparation is easy because you know what the conditions are going to be. 

Those really good conditions lend themselves to a fast game with clean ball handling, and you know your forwards, if they get look at it.. the conditions are not going to impact their ability to mark the ball. 

They've got one of the really good forwards in the comp in Max King, complemented really well by (Tim) Membrey too, and that is an extra challenge for our defenders, but we think ahead of the ball we can pose some challenges in that respect as well. 

But I think the key part is the game isn't any slower because of the conditions. If anything the ball travels a bit further there, you go into the game knowing what it's going to be like and we think that's going to be exciting for our guys. 

Chris Scott on... Sam De Koning

He's been outstanding. I'm really pleased for him because he's worked really hard, as have a lot of our younger players through a horribly interrupted couple of years, to force his way into our team. 

Given his size and shape and capability, there was a bit of internal debate around where his best position could be and it's reasonable to say that at times it's been evenly split between key forward, key back, and ruck. 

So for him to get settled in the position where he made his name as a junior player, incidentally playing on guys like Max King, it's been really good for him, good validation for our recruiting staff, and crucial for the team. 

Chris Scott on... matching Reg Hickey's record for wins as Cats coach

I really struggle, and always have as a player and especially as a coach, with individual acknowledgments so if you want to make me feel uncomfortable, you're asking the right question. 

But what I am really proud of is what the club has been able to achieve over a ten or twelve year period. I think a long, long time after I'm finished I might reflect on some of those things but I consider the coaching position to be a product of the support that the club gives me, and even more, a product of the playing list we've been able to put together. 

I'm so proud of the job they've done.. effectively we have rebuilt a list over a ten or twelve year period without access to top 10 picks. We had one which we traded up for from pick 13, so it has been something that I'm really proud of... that it's been done a little bit through adversity in the non-traditional way where we set out as a club and an organisation 12 years ago to find a way to try and contend while also rejuvenating our list. 

If you had told me we would do it the way we have done it, back then, I would have been nervous but I'm so proud to be a part of this club so I really struggle to think about what it means to me as an individual.

I would much prefer to think about what it means to us as a collective. 

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Cooper Stephens' Start

Join Cooper Stephens along for the ride of his long awaited debut for the Geelong Cats

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Chris Scott on... Cooper Stephens & Mitch Knevitt

They certainly played well enough to hold their spots. 

We do have a couple coming back, Stanley and Selwood, so that makes it more difficult for them. I think the most important thing to convey is that we thought they played well enough to play AFL footy the next week. 

That's the most important part.. long term in their development that they were able to come in and look like they were comfortable at the level.