Name: Annabel Johnson

Nickname: Bel

Favourite footy memory: VFLW Semi Final against the Saints at GMHBA Stadium in 2021.

Favourite AFLW player from another club: Ellie Blackburn – Western Bulldogs.

Best advice you ever got from a coach: No matter how hard you are working, there is always someone else working harder.

Other sports you play/have played: Basketball, netball, soccer and tennis.

What’s your go to karaoke song: It’s Raining Men 

One talent you wish you had: Being able to dance. 

Do you have any pets: Jack Russell named Benji and a Kelpie named Poppy.

Favourite movie: Footloose 

Favourite TV show: One Tree Hill

Netflix, Stan, Disney+ or Prime: Netflix 

You’re stuck on a deserted island with two of your teammates and have to find your way back to civilisation. Who do you hope is with you and why: Renee Garing – life smart and knows everything and Nina Morrison - she’d probably swim to an island and save us.

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