GEELONG coach Chris Scott wants an answer over whether the pre-finals bye will be cancelled, and soon.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has said there is a chance the bye will be scrapped in order to continue the momentum of the season and as a response to changing border laws as lockdown envelopes Victoria and New South Wales.

Scott's Cats sewed up a top-four spot with a 14-point win over St Kilda, with its final position to be in part dictated by a blockbuster round 23 clash against fellow flag fancy Melbourne.

"Case-by-case basis (on resting players next week). I must say, even in the turmoil that the world's endured over the past 18 months, to not know whether there's a bye six or seven days out (from the final round), we should know by now," Scott said.

"I haven't heard a good argument – and this is driven completely by self-interest, so let me put that on the table – maybe you guys could enlighten me, what's the argument for scrapping the bye?

"You would only bring the [finals] forward if you thought things were getting worse in Melbourne, as it is at the moment, no crowds is no crowds, you can't get worse than that."

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Chris Scott Post Match

Watch Geelong's press conference after round 22's match against St Kilda

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Scott acknowledged the issue of finals aspirants Sydney and GWS having been on the road for quite some time when it was suggested.

"Challenging would be the understatement of the year, to say the last 18 months or so has been brutal on everyone on the footy industry. I've said it over and over again, I don't want that to sound like we're doing it harder than other cohorts in the population," Scott said.

"I'd be staggered if that was a good enough reason, that two clubs have been on the road for a while. 

"We've all had to make decision in the past two weeks when we realised it was a possibility, and we're guessing (in those decisions). We're working on the basis that there's not going to be a bye, I think we've all been conditioned for that eventuality, doesn't make it right though."