It’s been a busy eight weeks for the club’s AFLW team as they pass the halfway point of pre-season.

Learning a different game plan, getting to know new teammates and establishing standards and values is just the beginning of what the group has achieved in the first two months.

“I think we’ve crammed a year’s worth of training and fundamentals into the last few months, that’s how it feels anyway,” explains senior coach Dan Lowther.

“We’ve really focused on our fundamental execution, honed in on our game style and our preferred way to play and I think we’ve really solidified what we want to stand for as a team within the Geelong footy club.”

The group recently travelled down to Lorne for a camp where they established team standards and values for AFLW Season 6. 

These values will assist the players when voting for their leadership group for next season.

“We wanted to define what the AFLW team stands for and how we fit in the scale of the club: what’s important to us, why we play and what we stand for,” Lowther said.

In the meantime, players continue to put in the hard work on the training track as they look to develop their new style.

“You’ll see a longer game for us, looking to be more direct, a stronger, more competitive unit across the three parts of the ground and that will bring the consistency we’re after for longer periods in games," Lowther said.

“Whether we get the wins early, that’s neither here nor there for now, but what we’re after is consistency.

“The win will be consistency.”

The fixture for AFLW Season 6 is expected to be released next week.