AFL players don't do much that isn't tracked, analysed and reported on.

Every training session and match day, GPS devices worn just below the collar at the back of each guernsey send live data to club fitness staff.

With the help of the Telstra Tracker, Cats Media has taken a look at the GPS numbers behind Geelong's best athletes.

The Fast and the Furious 

There are no surprises who tops the list of the fastest Cats in 2021.

The orange flash, Gary Rohan recorded the fastest speed in the hoops this season against the Kangaroos in Round five.

Gary Rohan Showreel

Gary Rohan Showreel

The Cats speedster owns the fifth fastest speed in AFL history at 36.1 km/h, recorded against the Dockers in Round 20 2019.

The Gold Coast's Oleg Markov hit 37.4 km/h for the Tigers in 2019, the fastest speed recorded on an AFL field.

Rohan recorded eight of the twelve fastest speeds in the hoops this season.

Fastest Cats Speeds in 2021

1 Gary Rohan Round 5 35.4 km/h
2 Jed Bews Round 10 35.0 km/h
3 Gary Rohan Round 9 34.5 km/h
4 Gary Rohan Round 10 34.3 km/h
5 Gary Rohan Round 7 34.2 km/h
6 Isaac Smith Qualifying Final 34.1 km/h
7 Gary Rohan Round 1 33.9 km/h
8 Jack Henry Round 10 33.7 km/h
  Gary Rohan Round 23 33.7 km/h
10 Patrick Dangerfield Semi Final 33.6 km/h
  Gary Rohan Round 19 33.6 km/h
  Gary Rohan Round 14 33.6 km/h
The Distance Runners

This season Geelong players ran a total of 6947 kilometres across 25 games.

That's an average of 12.6km ran by each player in the hoops every match.

When it comes to distance, Mark Blicavs is the king in Geelong. 

His 16.3 kilometres run against Sydney in Round 7 was the top effort by a Cat this season. 

Tom Scully owns the record book in this category, with the top five distances recorded in an AFL match including the number one distance of 18.9km.

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Farthest Distance Run by Cats in 2021

1 Mark Blicavs Round 7 16.3 km
2 Isaac Smith Round 13 16.2 km
  Isaac Smith Round 23 16.2 km
  Jake Kolodjashnij Round 14 16.2 km
5 Brad Close Round 16 16.1 km
6 Lachie Henderson Semi Final 15.9 km
  Isaac Smith Round 1 15.9 km
  Mark Blicavs Round 5 15.9 km
 9 Mark Blicavs Semi Final 15.7 km
  Mark Blicavs Round 23 15.7 km
  Isaac Smith Round 2 15.7 km
  Isaac Smith Round 7 15.7 km
The Sprint Kings

The Telstra tracker defines a sprint as recording a speed faster than 24 km/h for more than a second.

Brad Close was Geelong's strongest performer in this category in 2021.

Most sprints in a match by a Cat in 2021

1 Brad Close Round 9 29 Sprints
2 Brad Close Round 5 28 Sprints
  Brad Close Round 15 28 Sprints
4 Luke Dahlhaus Round 5 27 Sprints
  Isaac Smith Round 11 27 Sprints
6 Jordan Clark Round 21 26 Sprints
  Brad Close Round 21 26 Sprints
  Isaac Smith Round 7 26 Sprints
  Brad Close Round 16 26 Sprints
Defensive Workrate

The Telstra tracker defines defensive workrate as the average speed a player runs when the opposition has possession of the ball.

When it comes to full games played, unaffected by a sub, there's an even spread at the top for the Cats

Tom Atkins, Sam Menegola and Isaac Smith are the Cats to appear multiple times in the Cats best efforts.

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Cats Defensive Workrate in 2021

1 Tom Atkins Round 18 10.3 km/h
2 Zach Tuohy Round 18 10.1 km/h
3 Sam Menegola Round 18 10.0 km/h
4 Isaac Smith Round 18 9.8 km/h
5 Sam Menegola Round 9 9.6 km/h
  Brad Close Round 16 9.6 km/h
7 Joel Selwood Round 18 9.4 km/h
8 Isaac Smith Round 16 9.3 km/h
  Mark O'Connor Round 17 9.3 km/h
  Tom Atkins Round 17 9.3 km/h