It will be a special occasion for captain Joel Selwood tonight against Port Adelaide when he runs out to play his 322nd AFL game, helping the Selwoods break the record for most games by a group of brothers in the history of the game.

Combined with brothers Adam (187), Scott (169) and Troy (75), Joel's 322 games take the family to 753 – surpassing Terry (313), Anthony (233), Chris (124) and Neale (82) Daniher's 752 VFL/AFL matches. 

Their achievement would not have been possible without the support of parents Bryce and Maree Selwood who joined Geelong’s official podcast ‘To the Final Bell’ this week to talk about the achievement and share a bit of insight into what life was like in the Selwood household growing up.

“It’s great. It is not something we set out to do when the boys started playing football of course, but it is a great achievement to think that they are going to be a part of history for a while, so that’s really good,” Maree Selwood said.

All four Selwood brothers are known for their competitiveness, and it was ‘bedlam’ in the backyard according to their father Bryce growing up.

“It was bedlam and there were a lot of fights,” he said.

“They hated getting beaten, especially if a younger brother beat an older brother to the ball or anything like that. He (Joel or Scott) invariably would have his jumper pulled over his head or something to that effect, but it was very busy.”

The Selwood Family. Credit AFLPA.

That competitiveness only increased when they eventually were drafted to Geelong, Brisbane and West Coast respectively and played against each other. Something that Bryce and Maree found a challenge to watch at times.

“It is really hard to watch them play against one another as you want them both to do well, you want them both to win and as you know they don’t go in softly for the ball, so they go in hard at one another,” Maree said.

Joel Selwood tackles brother Adam.

“I think of that famous incident over in Perth where Joel pushed Adam over after he got into him, so it is not easy to watch, you just want them to do well, so to see them play one another was really hard to watch.”

“Even on Christmas day they’ll still go for a run and it’s still a nice little jog until someone says, ‘it’s nearly home time’ and another will say ‘go’ and they are all at it… it just never stops.”  

Bryce Selwood, Scott Selwood, Joel Selwood and Maree Selwood.

When asked how they would describe each of their sons they responded, “Troy is always the placid one. He will always just go with the flow and go with what’s going. He will do that.”

“Adam liked it his way and he’s always right.”

“Joel’s considerate and easy.”

“(Scott) He loves lollies, and he is loveable.”

Watch the full interview below