Chris Scott spoke to media on Wednesday ahead of Geelong’s Round 13 clash with Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval on Thursday night.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the press conference, presented by Morris Finance.

Scott on Team Selection…

I can give you some indication without giving you the exact team at the moment.

Cam Guthrie didn’t come up with an injury so he won’t make the trip but the other ones that we have earmarked as being available will play with the exception of Gryan Miers who in fairness we did say was going to be an extra week or two behind O’Connor, Dangerfield, Blicavs, Duncan.

So that’s been a really difficult situation for us to manage. Not so much bringing those guys in because they are ready and had a good preparation. It is more we’ve got some guys in the team that we’ve been happy with that are going to have to make way.

The one that’s most obvious there… Quinton Narkle has been squeezed out of the 22 and that is a desperately unfortunate situation for him in the short term, but I can’t see him being out of the team for long given the way he has been playing. My old coach often said, ‘that players are unlucky’ and I think that is one of those rarities.

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Scott Press Conference

Chris Scott speaks ahead of the Port Adelaide game. Presented by Morris Finance.

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Scott on how he approached the conversation with Quinton that he wouldn’t be selected this week…

With great difficulty and empathy that’s the most important part. It was a really difficult conversation but hopefully an honest one which showed that we support him and what we think he needs to do. I suspect in a year or two he is just going to be so good that he will just be one of those automatic selections and I will have to have that difficult conversation with other players.

Scott on Cam Guthrie…

He is such an important player for us with 11 games to go in the home and away season and with some of the guys coming back as well, we just weren’t ready to push him this week.  He will play next week.

Scott on the Selwood’s…

I feel really fortunate that I’ve been able to watch it from close proximity. I played with Troy at Brisbane, obviously coached Joel and the bond between a captain and coach in a successful team is always a strong one and I would say that ours is an extra strong one. I will always feel a strong allegiance to Joel and be proud of his achievements in the game. And, we had Scott here for a period of time and he will excel in football in his new roles I am sure post playing. So, it is a significant achievement, there has been some amazing football families in the AFL and for them to pass this milestone is one that we should acknowledge and the sense that I feel is just one of pride.

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The Selwoods Join the Podcast

Bryce and Maree Selwood join Lingy and Scotty on this week weeks podcast as the Selwood brothers are set to break the record for the most AFL/VFL games played by set of brothers this Thursday night.Presented by Lake Imaging

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Scott on how Sam Simpson’s rehab is going…

Better than I expected but I might not have the best view on his rehab. He had a really minor quad strain and it’s proven to be really minor, and he got back into training pretty quickly. Unfortunately, with Sam, he now has a history of these little soft tissue injuries. In isolation I don’t think they account for much but when you put them together you need to be a bit more careful with him. We are going to take our time with him. He had injuries last year and forced his way into our Grand Final team so that’s the capacity he has, and we want to put a plan together where that is on the table for him later in the year, so I think all of those things speak to the cautious approach we are going to take with his next month or so.

Scott on the week so far…

We’ve just acknowledged that the challenge is real and there are some things that are going to be different and we need to make sure that we have got our head around those things and we are prepared really well so we are not surprised. We wouldn’t choose to travel the same day to Adelaide but again it’s not bad. We are getting a bus to Avalon Airport, we don’t have to go up to Melbourne to fly out, we get a bus straight off the tarmac to Adelaide Oval and we get more time at the ground than we would normally have. The AFL has done a tremendous job in making sure that our needs are catered for as much as possible or as much that can be possible at the cricket nets in there at the Adelaide Oval, so at least we won’t be late to the game.