Name: Renee Garing

Nickname: Ney

Favourite footy memory: Favourite memory and moment would be our inaugural game of AFLW in 2019. The crowd, the build up, the feeling walking out of the race, our first goal, the win by one point. A very special moment in time.

Greatest non-football achievement: I feel, outside of sport, that landing an ongoing job at the school in Geelong that I really hoped to was a pretty great achievement. Also balancing sport and full time work and completing my Masters is something that I am proud of.

In a sporting sense, individually, I have been lucky to win a few locally-recognised Netball A grade GFL Best and Fairest awards. Sadly, lost two A grade grand finals! That would have been the best achievement if we had've won.

Best advice you’ve been given (on or off the field): I am pretty lucky to have some amazing people both within the club and outside that have given me some wonderful advice over the years. I would say that something that has always stuck with me was the advice to not take on too many things. Someone once told me, we are better choosing the things in our lives that are important and prioritising them and doing them well. If we try and juggle too much, we don’t give anyone our best.

Teammate you’d like to room with on away trips: This is hard. I enjoy the company of everyone in our team. We have such a diverse group but all get along really well. If I had to choose, I would say Maddie Boyd or Rene Caris. Maddie and Rene are both very easygoing and kind people. They would both be great, they are so accommodating and thoughtful. I can imagine them both keeping their gear nice and tidy and would always be looking out for whoever they are around.

Teammate you’d least like to room with on away trips: This is also a really hard question! I would honestly be happy to room with anyone. I have heard that Julz (Julia Crockett-Grills) and Rocky (Cranston) like having ‘bangers’ on and this is not my kind of music so for that reason only I would say them if I had to pick someone. They would both be fun to hang out with though, as would everyone!

Funniest teammate: I would say one of our new guns, Steph Williams, from what I have learnt about her so far. Plenty of personality and always with a big smile on her face. She has a great sense of humour and looking forward to having lots of laughs with her throughout the year.

Funniest thing you’ve seen on the footy field: I would have to say Maddy McMahon when she trips over. She is a very talented player who is elite in her ability to read the ball and intercept but sometimes when she is pushing back off the mark or just running around, she seems to find her way onto the ground tripping over her own feet.

Position other than your own you wish you could play: I have had the opportunity to play both mid and forward so there is only back line left. I would be willing to give it a go if needed!

Hidden talent/party trick: I was actually asked this recently. Don’t really have a hidden talent or party trick as such but can do the worm both ways. Does not come out very often!

Player from another AFLW team you’d most like to have at the Cats: Jasmine Garner. She is such a talented player who would bring a lot to our side.

Favourite player from another sport: Ash Barty. I love the way she plays and how she goes about all she does off the court.

If you weren’t playing footy, what sport would you like to play: If I knew how to do it well (which I don’t), I would love to be a surfer and follow summer around the world.

Favourite meal the night before a game: I try to be flexible with this given circumstance can change with travel and so forth but do like a chicken stir fry or something similar.

Favourite movie: Don’t have a favourite as such but really enjoy watching ‘Remember the Titans,’ ‘The Blind Side’ or ‘She’s the Man’.

Favourite TV series: Suits.

Favourite book: I enjoy reading over the holiday breaks but don’t have one particular book that stands out.

Favourite singer/band: Really enjoy listening to Lauren Daigle but don’t have a favourite and listen to whatever is on the radio/top hits on Spotify.

Dream holiday destination: I would love to go to the Maldives one day.

One thing you’d like people to know about you: I am a dog person, not cat person. Our dog Leo is very loved and quite spoilt. Leo is one of three Leo fur babies in the team with Aasta (O'Connor) and Phoebe (McWilliams) both also having dogs named Leo. We are yet to get them altogether but it is on the to do list!