Geelong has surpassed 60,000 members in 2020. 

The milestone means the Cats membership total has exceeded 60,000 in each of the past three years.

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic meaning Cats members haven’t been able to attend home games in Victoria, members have stuck true with the Club showing incredible support and generosity.  

Over 5000 have signed up as 2020 members since the pandemic struck in March. 

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Thank you to our 60k Members

Geelong has surpassed 60,000 members for 2020! Proudly presented by Momentum.

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Cats chief commercial officer, Braith Cox, said the efforts of the Cats members to provide stability to the club was appreciated by all at the club.

“We’ve been incredibly proud of how our members have not only retained their 2020 membership with the club but how many fans have signed up as members despite the inability to attend games in Victoria.” Cox said.

“Everyone at the Club, whether that be the board, the staff, coaches or players, has been inspired by the generosity of our 60,000 members.”

“We know that many in society are facing unprecedented challenges and for our members to stay with us and those who have joined up in the past months, we will forever be thankful.”

To celebrate the Cats membership milestone, members can access an exclusive offer to show their membership pride below.