It’s do or die for Geelong’s VFLW team when they face Melbourne Uni in an elimination final on Saturday.

The game will be held at Adcon Stadium (North Port Oval) with the action commencing at 11.45am.

Exciting youngster Sophie van De Heuvel says the team is excited for this weekend’s clash.

“All of the girls are up and about with it being an exciting situation going on this weekend,” Van De Heuvel said.

“We have had a lot of ins and outs throughout the year and a lot of injuries, so to be where we are in the finals is really exciting.”

In the previous meeting between to the two sides, Geelong went down by a couple of goals but learnt a lot from the defeat.

They have performed well on the track this week and are ready for the challenge against Melbourne Uni.

Fans can listen to match coverage via

Elimination Final team

B: 20 R Pearce, 44 R Goring, 34 M Brown
HB: 45 M Keryk, 18 M Hickey, 21 R Webster
C: 28 D Taylor, 36 L McEvoy, 3 A McDonald
HF: 9 T Love, 2 D Orr, 43 M Maguire
F: 5 J Ivey, 17 G Clarke, 11 J Woolett
R: 8 K Darby, 30 R Cranston, 27 S Van De Heuvel
INT: 23 H Rowe, 7 R Benham, 42 B Beckley, 12 R Garing, 22 E Vella
EM: 10 G Rankin, 31 P Sheppard, 33 Z Inei