Chris Scott on… Return of Dangerfield, Hawkins and Kolodjashnij

It's good news, we've got good availability at the moment so in some ways selection was a challenge but at the risk of repeating myself, we almost never look at our team as what is the absolute best 22.

We think in the context of the overall year and the individual priorities in terms of management so, we'll play a different team this week with those guys coming back but there'll be a continual shuffle as the year goes on I suspect. 

Chris Scott on… Mark O’Connor’s Role

I don't think that affects (whether O’Connor goes to Lachie Neale).

And again, without telegraphing our match ups, there's a few of their players, more than a few, who you need to put a lot of thought into which is never simple.

It might seem simple when you get there in the end or you look back what we've done in the past but they've shifted a little bit in terms of the way they play and some subtle tweaks with personnel which means we just need to make sure we're thorough in the way we approach it this time which will be different to last and the next time we play them it'll be different again, I'm sure. 


Chris Scott on… Shannon Neale’s Place in the Side

I think it's reasonable, and I've flagged this previously that we will play Hawkins, Cameron and Neale in the same team at some point. 

Obviously, the way we think about our ruckman builds into that conversation as well. So yeah, we were really pleased with the way he played, and it would be our preference to keep going with him. 

Chris Scott on… Brisbane’s Form

We just always take the approach that we look at teams when they've been at their best and I guess fortunately in a way that was pretty recent with Brisbane.

Last Thursday night at the MCG against a good team, they played well, so the first three games for them feels like a distant memory.

I know they've played two games at the Gabba, it's a bit of an unusual situation for a team that is so good generally, but especially good at the Gabba,  to have not won there by Round 6. I think we're talking about a different phase to the season to those first three games. 

Chris Scott on… Gary Rohan’s Return

It's not this week, but he's had a long build into playing his first VFL game last week.

So, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it comes pretty quickly from here but again, he's one of those guys that goes into that mix where we want to consider a big squad of players.

We are not thinking if he is fully fit he plays in this spot and the guy that plays in that spot goes out of the team for a month, that's just not the way we're thinking about it.