James Rahilly on... The Signs Going Into Round 1 

We want to play at that standard and keep pushing up and prove a few doubters wrong, but obviously, we're a healthy list, we got through a good preseason.

It was really hard to try and narrow the team down as you would have seen, we had a lot of numbers. Our older guys are really healthy and we wanted to get some time into them and then obviously the youngsters coming through, it was good to get game time into them and expose them to the level. 

The young talent are knocking at the door and are ready for their opportunity. We've still got a strong, experienced core, I know that, but there are a few guys knocking at the door to push, and that's only a good thing.

James Rahilly on...Shannon Neale's Role

What is he, 203cm? Moves like a gazelle. He competed pretty well today. 

There's no doubt (he can play alongside Tom Hawkins and Jeremy Cameron), obviously you want Jeremy everywhere, he's dangerous around goals but we've seen him get up around stoppages and be pretty dangerous. You see when he gets the ball he can just find a target where others don't so you've got to use both of those strengths. 


James Rahilly on... The Plan Going Into The Game 

Because our older guys were really fit and healthy we wanted to expose them, and then try and get as much game time into our younger crew and try and expose them to what was a reasonably strong side and get them out on the park.

And then obviously it's to play our system and play our way. 

James Rahilly on...Max Holmes Off Half Back

He's got that speed, and everyone is looking for that speed off halfback.  You want that overlap so he can turn a short kick into a 100 metre play with his speed and that overlap and his long kick.

He's played a little bit of wing and on ball but we like to get the ball in his hands around that half back line. 

James Rahilly on... Patrick Dangerfield 

He's an interesting one, Paddy, because he doesn't seem to look much older.  I think you'd have to ask him but I've heard that it's his best preseason he's had for a long time.

He's good around the ball but we're able to chuck him deep and obviously, he's pretty dangerous ahead of the ball.