Lowther on the Round One Win 

The highlight was that we achieved early on what we have been preparing for since the end of last season, focusing on the consistency of our ball movement and scoring.

Plenty of time has been spent since the end of season seven through to last week, making sure that we work hard on the strategy around our ball movement and the ability to move it in a way that gives us the best chance to score. To have that many shots on goal and seven individual goal scorers was really pleasing. The motivating factor for us now is to find that consistency.

Lowther on the Double Moloney Impact

We are lucky to have the two Moloney's in good form. 

Aishling keeps on surprising us. Off such a short preparation, she is playing on instinct at the moment and every session she trains she learns something different which is great. Her composure for me was brilliant on Saturday, the way she assessed her scenario before she made her next decision was really vital and it helped us score. She had a few score involvements herself, kicked a nice goal so her progression has been really pleasing. 

I'm not surprised by Darcy's performance; she has had a ripper pre season again where she left no stone unturned in regards to preparation and conditioning. She is starting to show the competition that we are not just a handful of great players, we have a midfield and forward line that bats pretty deep. I'm really pleased for Darcy because I know how hard she has had to work to get to this point.


Lowther on Georgie Prespakis’ Hot Start

I reckon she has already gone to another level.

If she goes the way she is tracking at the moment, she is going to be huge for us. She is so driven to make sure the whole team gets success. She dedicated her off season to getting better and preparing the best way she can, finding new ways to improve. Round one was hopefully just scratching the surface for her, but we have enough depth in the midfield to support her. I haven't met too many dedicated players at her age that approach the game the way she does, so I'm looking forward to seeing her back it up this week. 

Lowther on the Sydney Challenge Ahead

Heading to Sydney, things are a little bit different.

We haven't played there before, let alone at the North Sydney Oval. There are a few unknowns, but what we want to control is that consistency around our ball movement and scoring. I'm sure the Swans will want to negate that as much as they can, they did a good job last week against the Giants to open the game up in the back end of that last quarter.

We will have our hands full this week, we just have to make sure our girls are on their game and tuned into the role they are playing. It's going to take our whole midfield group to combat theirs.