Chris Scott on... Gary Rohan and Rhys Stanley

He'll [Stanley] need to be assessed. He came off late and didn't go back on. He and Rohan are probably the two, I think the only two, that we'll need to keep an eye on. 

[Rohan's] got a hip/groin issue, and hip/groin as well for Stanley.


Chris Scott... Patrick Dangerfield

If you really simplify what you want to see from Pat, it is that breakaway speed and his strength in the contest, and I thought both of those things really stood out tonight.

I thought he was the player, when we were a little bit down, that looked like he could break the game open for us. He's had his issues this year, but he's kept fighting through but we need more from him than just grinding away, we want to see that breakaway speed and it was really exciting for us that it looked like he had that tonight which is really exciting for the next fortnight. 

Chris Scott on... The season so far

The reality for us is that we can't spend too much time reviewing what the season has been like but again, you can hold two thoughts in your head at the same time. We've got to look forward and that's what we want our players to do.

To your point, it does feel like we've had periods this year where we've got it back up and going, and some of the guys that have been sore and missed a lot of footy looked like they were close to playing their best footy and then something went wrong again. It has felt a little like two steps forward and two steps back, and in a tight comp that's not good enough. 

All the stats: Geelong v Collingwood

Even tonight, I just think we didn't play well and could have won the game and some of the things that we're not doing are really easy to turn around, I don't think they're fundamental or chronic issues that are going to take a long pre-season to overcome and we do have some guys... I think Jeremy and Dangerfield were good examples tonight, we just haven't quite seen them in, even moving that way, for long enough this year, but they did tonight but they can next week and the week after and the week after. 

I think we can play finals [with the football we're playing], but I think we can play better, no doubt about that. Two games to go, do I think we can win them? Yep. 


Chris Scott on... Tom Hawkins

He was pretty close. We made the call early that he wouldn't play so it wasn't a matter of pushing him to the line. We've got a slightly longer week this week, an eight-day break, so to be perfectly honest I'm a little bit out of the loop but my sense is he'll be thereabouts. 

Chris Scott on... Cam Guthrie

We're thinking through a few options with Cam.

I think it's likely that he'll play footy at some level (next week). It's been a long lay off but as we tend to do with guys that have had a lot of time out of the game, especially with a footy injury that didn't allow for much running early in the piece, he's trained for a little bit longer rather than getting back into games a bit quicker so that might give us the option to push him a little bit harder this week. The [sub] is one of the things we're thinking through but there are risks associated with that as well.