There’s no one happier about hearing Gryan Miers name in the same sentence as Brisbane great Jason Akermanis as he chases down his goal assist record, than Miers himself.

Despite growing up in Grovedale, Miers was a big Lions fan, and in particular, of Akermanis himself.

“He was my hero growing up, an absolute fanatic," he revealed to Channel 7 after Saturday night’s thrilling 12-point win over Port Adelaide.

“I was a massive Brisbane Lions fan and all my jerseys had number 12 on them growing up, and now I’m coached by two of their stars.”


Miers finished the game with another five goal assists, bringing him within two of Akermanis’ 2004 home and away record of 39.

He would ultimately finish the season on 44, including finals, but even that record might be in jeopardy the way Miers is hitting his teammate's laces out with his unorthodox pitching wedge kicking style.

Geelong coach Chris Scott said Miers was a ‘rare’ player, but is much more than his kicking style, and ultimately, more than his goal assist numbers as well, with Saturday’s game a case in point.

Miers added 24 disposals, 12 score involvements, and two goals, including what turned out to be the sealer with five minutes to play after wrapping up Power star Connor Rozee in a tackle and earning a shot on goal when the Cats had just a six-point advantage.

“He’s different in the way he plays and he’s really important to the way we play,” Scott said.

“I think you look at he’s kicking action a bit and think, ‘that’s why he’s different’, but it’s a lot more than that. He’s a really crafty player.


“And in tight games, guys like hat can break up the play with their decision making and their ball use are really valuable.

“I thought he was super tonight, He just kept at it, in a tight game, and even the goal late, it was a clutch goal.”

The kicking style, albeit hard to miss, is undeniably effective and is reportedly modeled on another of the game’s greats, newly retired Sydney star, Lance Franklin.

But Scott would care little for where Miers’ inspiration came from, he just likes the ball in 24 year old’s hands when the game was there to be won late.

“You wouldn’t necessarily teach that kicking action but personally I was happy to have the ball in his hands in that situation."