Chris Scott spoke to the media post game after his side's seven point loss to the Giants. Here are a couple of key topics the Cats coach touched on.

Game Wrap 

We're not hiding from the fact that we're not playing as well as we could, but we think there are some pretty obvious reasons for that. 

We don't think we're in the position where we need to throw out what we're doing and start all over again. We certainly need some tweaks and we're also not saying that that lack of cohesion is something we’ve just got to be patient with and just wait until players come back.

We had (Sam) De Koning come back in tonight, even Jack Henry just came back in after not playing a game at all this year, Tyson Stengle a big layoff, Ollie Henry.. so you can get those guys back but you shouldn't expect it to gel straight away so we're aware of where it is. 


Esava Ratugolea Update

It's more than (tightness) unfortunately. I don't know a lot more than that. I don't know exactly but i think it's more than that, that's the fear. 

It's been a real shame that we haven't been able to get Ratugolea and De Koning together for long periods, but I thought Esava was close enough to our best player in the first half. When they got some penetrating looks, he was really solid back there. He's been good for us, hopefully this injury is on the minor end, and he only misses a small amount of footy. 


Oisin Mullin’s Debut

He wasn't overawed by the situation at all, he looked like he relished the contact and the intensity of the game, and he looked really solid with the ball. 

He's got great speed and power, it's nice when you bring young players in, and they look at home at the level. I think it's even better when you bring in a guy who probably hadn't seen a Sherrin until he was about 16. It's a really good sign for us. We were pleased we had a chance to get him in and we were really pleased the way he played. 

Sam De Koning’s Mask

I don't know how long he'll wear it. It was always part of the options that the medical staff had. My understanding is that it will be possible for him to play but it's just a bit of extra protection.