Geelong has one list spot remaining at the conclusion of the National and Rookie Drafts this week, but the club hasn’t yet decided how they’ll use it according to Recruiting Manager Stephen Wells.

The Cats welcomed a trio of Geelong Falcons on Wednesday including father-son prospect Osca Riccardi, defender Oscar Murdoch, and Ted Clohesy, a Next Generation Academy (NGA) product, as a Category B Rookie.

Alongside Jhye Clark and Phoenix Foster, who were picked up on Monday and Tuesday respectively, and Oisin Mullen who arrived in Geelong from Ireland on Tuesday, it leaves the Cats with one spot to fill if they choose to do so.

“We'll go away and assess what we do with that one list spot,” Wells told


“It doesn't have to be used, we don't have to pick someone. We can pick someone at the end of the mid-season period where we can decide then if there is a player who's on the scene we'd like to pick up, or even at the end of the pre-season we could sign a player and put him on our list if we decided to go that way. 

“But at the moment the plan is to leave that spot free.” 

Wells said he was pleased with the young talent that has been injected into the club since end of the season in September. 

“I think they complement the good young players we already have at the club,” he said.

“We obviously hope they all develop into really good AFL players but over the last few years we've brought in plenty of good young players in a variety of positions around the ground and these guys we've brought in, they've all shown characteristics and the completeness and desire and coachability that we like in young players.

“But they're good footballers too and can play in a number of different positions.”