Brandan Parfitt

Chris Scott on… Geelong’s Newest Signings

It's exciting. We have high hopes for the players coming through, although quite a few of those guys are already established in their careers and have a long way to go, and there are a few that we think could potentially have long careers with us and give us all a reason to be excited about what the future could hold. 

Chris Scott on… The Challenge of Port Adelaide

In recent times, it's always been a challenge playing them anywhere, but especially over there and I think the right way to look at their season is to remove the first five games when they had some challenges with personnel.

I think that's a bit of a pointer to how close the competition is. Take the best teams in the comp and remove two or three really important players and they're back to the field. We always had a high level of respect for the way they are coached. They are a really well organised team, it looks to me that they know exactly what it is they're trying to do.

It's the same with us, sometimes there are some execution issues but I've always had a lot of respect for Ken (Hinkley) and I always find it a challenge coaching against Port Adelaide teams because they throw some things at you that are unique in the competition and I use that word specifically. 


Chris Scott on… Brandan Parfitt’s Availability

He's missed a lot of footy now, so we need to think through it. 

The vagaries of the competition again mean that we don't have a VFL game this weekend so we'll just think through that a little bit more; we've got an important session today. 

Parf's missed with a hand, so the positive there is he's got a power of running in, and at least he's running fit, but it's hard to gauge how footy fit he is. He'll certainly be in our squad and we'll just work through exactly how that plays out. 

Chris Scott on... Managing Jed Bews

Maybe it was a little bit misunderstood, maybe we could have explained it better earlier in the year but for us, the use of the medi-sub is a legitimate management tool. 

He might play 99% game time, he might play zero, that's a risk you've got to take. He was right to play otherwise we wouldn't have picked him as the sub, but he came on and played well. His game time was reduced a little bit so it goes back into the melting pot. 

I think he'll play this week and we'll look at how we manage that with him and others over the next [few] weeks.