It was 26 years ago today that Gary Ablett Snr became just the fifth player in history to kick 1000 goals in a season, when he did it against the Dockers at Kardinia Park on June 22, 1996.

22,116 witnessed Ablett make history that day, but they did have to wait until the third quarter for the magic moment.

Ablett needed just three goals to reach the milestone, which for a player who once kicked 38 over a period of four games in 1993, should have fairly easy pickings, but the Dockers defender Stephen O'Reilly had other plans.  

O'Reilly, the former Cat, made Ablett work for every possession, and the Cats themselves appeared at times to be too Ablett conscious, but 23 minutes into the third he got off the leash and pushed into four figures.

Cats fans poured onto the Kardinia Park to mark the moment before the famous number 5 was engulfed by security and the well-wishers were shepherded back over the fence.

Hostilities resumed with Geelong six goals up on the visitors before a spirited fightback reeled it back to just 21 points at the final siren.

In a historical quirk, 23 years later, it was revealed that the goal was not actually the goal

In Ablett’s fourth AFL game, then teammate Richard Loveridge was awarded a goal actually kicked by Ablett, and the record was subsequently corrected by legendary historian Col Hutchison.

Ablett retired at the end of the 1996 season after 248 games and 1031 goals.