Patrick Dangerfield

Chris Scott on Dangerfield...

He's going well, he'll play.

What we've tried to explain a little bit over the last week or two is that we're pursuing a policy, particularly with our more experienced players that we get them in a position through their training that they're ready to come in and perform at their best. 

Pat, over a period of weeks with a couple of quite serious corks, just wasn't able to train, [and] was playing under duress. It made it clearer for us that the right decision for him and for the team longer term was to get that right and come back when he's ready to play really well which we think is this week. 


Chris Scott on Jack Henry...

Whenever I talk about injuries I should stress that I'm just repeating what I hear from the medical staff and I reserve my right to get it wrong because I don't have the same level of expertise as them. 

They're saying they're treating that injury symptomatically which just means he's got a rod in that bone [and] structurally it's really sound. There's no intervention required. 

But, they want to make sure he's pain free before they push him. He's getting much closer to that and then the feedback is if you were to guess, once he's pain free and training he'll be ready to play really quickly.


Chris Scott on Max Holmes...

We were really pleased with the way Max was going individually but in terms of his contribution to the team, it can't be understated how important he became really quickly.

He was a loss in-game on the weekend and it'll be a loss over the next couple of months or whatever it is.  Hopefully, we can all look back over a decent period of time and say this was a little bump in the road for Max.

I'm sure he'll come back bigger and better than ever but it doesn't ease the short-term pain. 


Chris Scott on Ruck stocks...

The outlook is a bit more optimistic (for Rhys Stanley) than might have been first thought.

Whether that gets him right to play this week or not, the fact that that's even on the table I think is a good sign. 

We had really high hopes for Toby Conway, our first pick in last year's draft through the pre-season. He trained really well, and gave us enough evidence to think that he could play AFL footy this year but he's been injured and (Jonathan) Ceglar hurt his foot. 

We think Esava (Ratugolea) is ready to play.

We've managed him through a program that has been quite conservative but he's certainly done enough training to think that he can come in and play at either level.


Chris Scott on building momentum...

We think that we've got to have confidence that if we play our best footy that we can do that (go on a mid-season winning streak) and I think that's still the case.

That's not blind faith, I think there's enough evidence there to suggest that if we can hit our straps, and I don't think we have to this point of the year, that we'd be hard to beat every week. 

We're aiming to be a team that starts playing the level of footy that it doesn't really matter who you're playing or where it is, that if we perform we'd be good enough to win. 

If you had of asked me any stage over the last few years at this time of year I think I would have had reason for a few doubts, it was far from a sure thing, but we've been good enough to build a bit of momentum and play close to our best footy, so that's what we're aspiring to do. 

How much confidence I've got that we can do it? Still a lot. I think it's there for us if we can put the work in and get a bit of luck.