NEW Cats ruckman Jonathon Ceglar is ready to explore a partnership with Rhys Stanley upon his arrival at GMHBA Stadium.

Ceglar has spent much of his 101-game AFL career tag-teaming with Ben McEvoy and expects to develop a similar relationship in Geelong.

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Best Ceglar Highlights

Watch new Geelong recruit Jon Ceglar in action

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“It’s definitely not coming in with an ego of I’m the number one,” he says.

“Talking to the club last week, it’s working together more than anything.

“It’s more work as a team and the coaches think that it’s the best thing for the team to go forward so that’s what I’ll be working towards with Rhys and the other rucks.”

The veteran has faith in the dual ruck model and the experience to make it work.

“I think a lot of the good sides have those two rucks that can split it 50/50 or 60/40,” he says.

“You probably have to have flexibility and leave your ego aside a little bit. That’s what Macca (McEvoy) and I worked well with.

“The flexibility and cohesion between the two is what we found worked best when it did work.”

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Ceglar Press Conference

Jonathon Ceglar speaks to the media for the first time as a Cat. Presented by The Gordon.

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Ceglar is keen to get started in Geelong, saying the club’s reputation, work-life balance and existing friendships were what lured him down the highway.

“Firstly, probably the success that they’ve had over a long time – sustained success (attracted me),” he says.

“It’s a club that I personally and I think as a footy club Hawthorn have had a lot of respect for.

“You only hear good things come out of Geelong, from players that have left and coaches (about) their program and the culture down there.”

“Having Isaac (Smith) there, I spoke to him a fair bit this year and he kept telling me how great the place was. That was a big drawcard having him there as well.”