PLAYER manager Marty Pask has praised Geelong for their management of his young client Charlie Constable.

Constable was let go by Geelong on Friday to increase his chances of finding a new home with senior opportunities, despite the Cats’ willingness to retain the 12-game contested ball specialist.

“The good clubs in the competition – and I talk of Geelong in this situation – who are really respectful and understanding and have tried to look after Charlie in this sense,” Pask told SEN Mornings.

“(They’ve told him) that if he can find a football club and it’s an easier path to get there as a delisted free agent, certainly have a look and go have your discussions and see what might be out there and if not, you can come back as a rookie.

“I like it when you can have these honest discussions and in this case, Geelong is trying to care about the individual.”

Pask is understanding of the club’s position on Constable.

“Last year was a difficult year in a sense that we were in the midst of a pandemic and list sizes had to come back a fair way, there were was a bit of an unknown about list sizes.

“List spots are tight again this year…finding spots in the competition wasn’t as easy as it once was. Coming out of contract in these times isn’t easy for these players.

“Hopefully good, honest conversations can get the right outcome.”