All Eyes On… Biltz 200

It’s been a long time since Mark Blicavs lapped his new teammates in a 2K time trial on his first day at the club after he was lured across from a promising career in athletics back in 2012.

Since that day, he’s added two Carji Greeves Medals and three All-Australian jumpers to his pool room in what’s been a remarkable football story. One that started officially when he was picked with the 54th selection in the 2012 Rookie Draft and one that’s arguably been a little under remarked considering his journey.

His value to the club over the past 10 years is well known within its four walls but with fellow All-Australian Tom Stewart’s injury, his importance has perhaps never been higher due to his ability to swing behind the ball and help cover the loss of one of the League’s best defenders.

This week, we celebrate game 200. Go well, Blitz.

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Blicavs Press Conference

Mark Blicavs speaks ahead of his 200th game. Presented by Ford

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All Eyes On… The Ghosts of Kardinia

Here’s a stat that you will impress your Melbourne supporting mates: the Demons have won just six times in Geelong since August 1968.

Even the biggest win in club history came against the Demons in Geelong – the 186 point win back in 2011. In short, trips down the highway generally haven't gone well for the Red and the Blue. 

Does history matter? Maybe. Maybe not. Certainly, the lack of crowd works in the visiting teams' favour.  One thing we do know is that this is a very, very good Melbourne team who will welcome back Jack Viney, Steven May, and Tom McDonald to an already star-studded and inform lineup.  On top of that, barring a big Port Adelaide win on Friday night, Saturday night’s winner should claim the minor premiership.

So there's plenty on the line. Only two teams in the past 10 years have gone on to win the flag after dropping the final home and away game of the season.

Even the neutrals will be grabbing their popcorn for this one.

All Eyes On… The Coaches Box

It’s so 2021 that the footy gods dish up the type of final round fixture it has this weekend and we’ll once again have empty stands. But how about a 3rd v 4th on Friday night, and 1st v 2nd on Saturday night?

If we must be stuck in our homes, then you couldn’t ask for a better set of games on TV. So what will we see? The talk all week has been about the proverbial ace up sleeve – how much does each coach hold back on the off chance this weekend’s opponent is next week’s opponent. Is there a psychological edge to be gained by a big RD 23 win, or do you hold a move or two back for when the real show starts next week?

The consensus seems to be that momentum matters, confidence matters and yes, psychology matters and both coaches will throw everything at the opposition on Saturday night. Maybe. Probably.

Or, as Travis Cloke used to say, maybe there will be a bit of smoke and shadows behind the windows.

All Eyes On… Our Members

It’s been a tough year for many of us out there for obvious reasons, which is why the commitment and dedication we have seen from our members has been nothing short of remarkable.

We saw an extraordinary display of loyalty to the club throughout 2020, but to sign up 70,542 people this year, a club record is something else entirely.

This club has been around for over 160 years but never has it been more apparent that it’s the members that are the beating heart of the club and all that it stands for.

So to all of you, we say thanks.